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Standoff Highlights Need For Soldier Help

Ind. Guard Has Crisis Intervention Team

INDIANAPOLIS — A police standoff involving an Iraq war veteran in Indianapolis highlights the need for programs to help soldiers deal with combat stress, Indiana National Guard leaders said Tuesday.National Guard Sgt. Jason Carrera, 26, who served two tours in Iraq, eventually surrendered peacefully to police after barricading himself in his apartment for seven hours Tuesday. Read More…
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Also in the news:
A Brutal Crime, One Veteran’s Story, And A Growing Mental Health Crisis Among Vets
We’ve got a profound public health crisis on our hands. And while of course Bowen represents an extraordinarily extreme manifestation of this crisis everything that Bowen experienced (alcohol and drug abuse, abusive relationships, untreated PTSD, even homelessness) is unfortunately far, far too common among our veterans.

War Creates PTSD Tragedies at Home
This story has hit close to home for so many people in this area, and it serves as a perfect example of why we MUST end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bring the troops home NOW, pay reparations to the peoples and nations we’ve harmed, and DEMAND that returning troops and veterans of all wars receive needed medical care and ALL of the other benefits that they are entitled to. We MUST do this even if it means increasing taxes on the wealthiest people and on the wealthiest corporations.
We must.

Veterans need help defeating mental illness
While mental illness transcends race and culture, African-American veterans encounter additional obstacles in tackling and defeating it. Cultural barriers and stigmas associated with mental health in the African-American community make it more difficult for them to seek support to overcome mental illnesses.
Upon returning home, African-American service men and women face several problems regarding mental health: (1) They do not have the access to proper mental health care; (2) they choose not to seek treatment due to the stigmas associated with it; or (3) they do not realize they are affected by a mental illness that requires medical attention.

Despite symptoms of PTSD, soldier sees his calling in the Army
Spc. William Medlin found a sort of relief in Iraq. It was so much simpler, he said, than dealing with the complications in his other life, the one in which his marriage of three years was falling apart.
He loved the buzz of being on point, he said, driving the lead Humvee in the company commander’s security detail. And he liked garrison life. So Medlin re-enlisted, before his first tour was up and before his divorce was final, with a big $10,000 bonus and a guaranteed spot in air assault school, part of his plan to make sergeant and join Special Forces.
There was just one hitch. Medlin couldn’t sleep. He had flashbacks. He felt angry a lot of the time.

Operation Open Arms: taking on the VA’s work?
Its job is to help veterans get the medical care they need, but a local non-profit says the VA is passing its work onto volunteers.
Since March Operation Open Arms has branched out from providing free vacations to veterans to something much more important — getting free care for soldiers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Founder John Bunch says word is spreading so fast that now the VA is calling on him for help.

Researchers develop integrative treatment for post traumatic stress
Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) researchers have developed an integrated treatment program for veterans with comorbid chronic pain and PTSD.

“Virtual Iraq” mod treating post-traumatic war vets
Scientists are making progress thanks to a video game mod based on Pandemic’s Full Spectrium Warrior. Entitled Virtual Iraq, it allows the therapist in question to better work with the patient, as they know what’s presented to them is a simulation. Going into it with that knowledge, the patient can be slowly comfortable with things that remind them of war — a certain smell or sound, for example —  in day to day life, or even brought to the point where they no longer do.

Stress Management Program Helps Soldiers with PTSD
The APEX program trains participants to better manage stress and anger and increase their concentration. Bauer says he’s proof of the program’s power, saying it has helped him recover his positive outlook on life.

Veterans Waiting on Federal Aid to Help Pay for College
Of the 50,000 veterans who qualified for tuition, housing, and textbook payments under the new bill, only half of them have received their checks. That leaves about 25,000 veterans on the hook for living and education expenses until they receive their money.

Military Experience Tough to Translate on Resumes
“I came home and I didn’t know where I fit,’’ said Robinson, who was a sergeant in the infantry. “It almost felt like my purposefulness had run its course.’’


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