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Once society – the medicos and bureuacrats and lawyers, anyway – has recognised the existence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder then it is hard to imagine a setting this side of Hell which is more conducive to its spreading like wildfire than armed conflict and it would seem logical that following a spell in the urban slaughterhouse of Iraq or the Badlands of South Armagh or Helmand anyone not suffering from PTSD must have something seriously wrong with them. Read More…
Also in the news:
Doctor wants better mental health care for veterans
It’s important to realize that when you have been in service that you are at higher risk for having a psychiatric problem. It’s often not recognized that people are at higher risk of having psychiatric problems, so many people will have a kind of do-it-yourself attitude.
PTSD Vet pleads guilty
A military veteran with post traumatic stress disorder pleaded guilty Friday to threatening supervisors at an ambulance company that fired him and choking a dispatcher who was also his live-in companion.
PTSD wrenches service member’s heart, home
The faces of dead troops began to haunt his every minute. Awake. Asleep. Some charred or shattered, some with faces he recognized from life, some in parts.
Air Force study uses virtual reality for PTSD
A new virtual reality program to treat combat veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan experiencing post traumatic stress disorder is being used…
Innoculate yourself against PTSD: Play Tetris
A recent study hints that soldiers witnessing a horrific, traumatic event may be able to prevent flashbacks due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) simply by playing a little Tetris.

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