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British Afghanistan commander Major General Nick Carter: ‘Time is not on our side’

By Aislinn Laing

Maj Gen Carter said there exists an “opportunity” for the 45,000 Armed Forces personnel currently serving in Afghanistan to make a difference in the next year.
But he conceded that without the “luxury” of time, forces needed to show “positive trends” as quickly as they can. Read More…

Also in the news:
Meeting focuses on Mental Health Services
“We have clearly failed people with mental illnesses horribly… There is something wrong with a state will spend more money to incarcerate people than to treat them.”

The Forgotten US Patients
As the healthcare debate rages in the US, the fate of the hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people in American jails and prisons has been absent from the agenda.
In a special report Fault Lines’ Josh Rushing visited detention facilities in Texas and discovered the true reality of how inmates with mental illness are treated.

Burying the story won’t stop suicide
We should be shining a light on suicide deaths – most of them preventable – to highlight the underlying cause.

Book chronicles women at war and in its aftermath
Marine Sgt. Shannon Evans is closing the book on her military career Thursday, a little more than three years from the day she came close to being blown up in a roadside bombing in Iraq.
Her story of that incident and how she came to join the Marine Corps after her mother was slain is one of a dozen told in “The Girls Come Marching Home,” a 308-page work that chronicles how female troops cope with lingering stress, family issues and their careers when they return from war.

Red Sox team up to help war veterans
In a major effort to help veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Red Sox on Thursday unveiled a multifaceted initiative in tandem with Massachusetts General Hospital at a news conference at Boston Marriott Copley Place and through a pregame ceremony at Fenway Park.

Damaged and Discharged, a soldier on edge
He said he thought he might be worth more to his family dead.

“Lying about Iraq War gave me PTSD”
A British Ministry of Defence press officer has claimed that being forced to tell lies about the war in Iraq has left him with post-traumatic stress disorder.

War’s Silent Stress: Healing the Military Family
After eight years of war, the mental wellness of today’s service member and to a lesser degree, his or her military family is garnering increased attention. Whether as a national security issue or moral imperative, it is quickly becoming evident that in order to maintain a strong, mission-ready military, America must deal with the excessive stress and burden today’s military and their families have endured and continue to face.

Court System Sought for Vets
Judges, lawyers and veterans urged lawmakers on Wednesday to pass legislation that would encourage states to set up special courts and give judges more latitude in sentencing veterans who return from wars only to run afoul of the law.

Community Effort Needed to Heal War Wounds
The profound strain of eight years of war on the volunteer force permeated a day-long conference of military leaders, policymakers, health experts and family advocates as they shared ideas to address the “unseen injuries” of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury.

Respect Our Troops for their Sacrifice
I cannot imagine the stress and worry these people go through trying to reenter civilized society. We should respect these people. They gave up a large part of themselves so we could continue living in freedom and what they do takes more courage than I will ever have.


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