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Military: Mental wounds of war run deep


Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed frustration Wednesday with the pace of government work to heal the mental wounds of war.
Recalling a meeting last year with a group of homeless veterans from the recent wars, Mullen said he worries about the rise of a new generation of transients like some who returned from the Vietnam War.
“Shame on us if we don’t figure it out this time around to make sure that doesn’t happen.” Read More…

Even more:
US just beginning to deal with war wounds, Mullen says
The United States is just beginning to deal with the long-term implications of caring for servicemembers and their families whose lives have been changed by the wounds of war, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here today.

Mullen: Treating PTSD need sustained effort
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs said Wednesday that helping combat veterans with mental health issues will require a new kind of commitment from society.
Speaking at an Alexandria, Va., conference about unseen battlefield injuries, Adm. Michael Mullen said helping Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries requires more than traditional military and veterans health care.
Society also must commit to help, he said, because many of those suffering are 20-year-olds with long lives ahead of them.
Post-traumatic stress needs more attention and early treatment, he said.

Mullen criticizes DoD, VA failures in mental health treatment
The chairman said that while millions of dollars have been invested into research on PTSD, traumatic brain injuries and mental health issues, military leaders have not produced enough treatment options and outreach programs to stay ahead of the problems.
“We owe them a response,” he said. “This is a debt the country owes [these troops] for their service, as far as I’m concerned. It needs to be the first check we write.”

Also in the news:
8 million Americans consider suicide
About 32,000 suicides occur in the United States each year, but a new study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that many more give the idea serious thought.

Criminal Responsibility of War Veterans with PTSD
This Article explores the prevalence and impact of PTSD, particularly in war veterans, the relevance of this disorder to the criminal justice system, and the likely evolution of related mental status defenses as Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans return from combat.

PTSD & Energy Psychology Techniques
“Energy Psychology is a revolutionary, quick, and painless way of relieving trauma, depression, anxiety, and phobias,” said Jef Gazley, LMFT, D.CEP and developer of Tri-Brain Trauma Therapy. “These techniques work because they access and modify the deeper part of brain which is something that traditional talk therapy simply cannot do…”

Former Marine held for trial in road-rage shooting of NJ man
A former Marine will stand trial in a road-rage shooting of a motorist with his 8-year-old daughter in the back seat.


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