Posted by: dohgonuniversity | September 16, 2009


Iraq war veteran sentenced to life in prison in slaying of Long Beach man

— Robert J. Lopez

A former Marine who served two tours in Iraq was sentenced to life in prison today for the killing of a Long Beach man while trying to collect money owed for a drug debt, authorities said. Read More…

Also in the news:
US military chief want more troops for Afghan war
President Barack Obama’s top  military adviser endorsed an increase in U.S. forces for the worsening war in Afghanistan on Tuesday…

Mental illness gets downplayed
The prevalence of anxiety, depression and substance dependency may be twice as high as the mental health community has been led to believe. It depends on how one goes about measuring.

Brain injuries become more prevalent for combat veterans
Roadside bombs and other explosives have injured the brain of almost a fifth of veterans returnbing from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dayton psychologist speaking with Obama at forum on battlefield injuries
The most important thing the country could do in the battle against PTSD is “remove the stigma that prevents people from accessing mental health services,” she said.

Combat exposure can increase hypertension risk
Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who experience the stress of combat are at greater risk for developing hypertension than those who deploy but do not experience combat, but at lower hypertension risk than those soldiers who do not deploy at all, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Defense.


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