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Think Vietnam Vets Were Screwed? Wait Until You See How Many Veterans of Bush’s Wars End up in Jail

By Penny Coleman

Far too many soldiers end up behind bars while the rest of us are free to ignore the human evidence of what our military ventures really cost.
As all the other justifications for the U.S. invasion of Iraq have fallen by the wayside, it is ironic that the one that remains is “freedom,” because in the name of someone else’s freedom, we train our own soldiers to behave in ways that may very well cost them their own. Read More…

Also in the news:
Iraq troops PTSD rate as high as 35%
Double expected rate: The Veterans’ Administration should expect a high volume of Iraq veterans seeking treatment of post traumatic stress disorder, with researchers anticipating that the rate among armed forces will be as high as 35%, according to the Management Insights feature in the current issue of Management Science, the flagship journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Fort Lewis Mental Health Program Adopted by the Military
For some soldiers the transition to and from the battlefield can be traumatic. It’s personal. And no one can truly understand what’s going on in that soldiers mind. A program developed at Fort Lewis as a tool for early intervention tries to address those issues and give soldiers the help they need. Now it’s being adopted as a best practice model by the Army.

Finding a fix for the criminal justice system
We can no longer afford to support so-called leaders if they are not fighting to change this sick system. If they are not willing to put themselves in harm’s way for our kids, then they can’t protect them.

Mental Health and Incarceration
Our country needs to seriously get a grip concerning this issue or we should ask the question, who’s really suffer from mental illness?

Virtual Reality in Medicine
Virtual reality has also been used extensively to treat phobias (such as a fear of heights, flying and spiders) and post-traumatic stress disorder. This type of therapy has been shown to be effective in the academic setting, and several commercial entities now offer it to patients.



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