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Trauma From Iraq Could Alter Veterans’ Brains

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9 — U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) appear to show growing attention deficits in the year following their return, Boston University researchers report.

In addition, intense combat experiences were associated with faster, survival-linked reaction times. Earlier research has found that as soldiers encounter stressful and life-threatening situations, there are changes in their brains that direct their thinking, learning and memory toward survival, the researchers noted.
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Also in the news:
Former Marine Alerts Police to veterans’ stress, problems
John Bennett, a former U.S. Marine … said he reviewed the signs and symptoms of trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) signs and symptoms, common PTSD reactions and how to recognize and respond to the symptoms, how PTSD is related to criminal behavior, related problems such as suicides, court issues and resources available.

Study sheds light on post-combat mental problems
Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are typical after deployment to a war zone, and may even represent a healthy reaction to stress, but can lead to problems with mental functioning if they persist, new research in Iraq vets suggests.

More attempted suicides among military
Officials for El Paso’s local authority for mental health said they’re seeing an increase of suicides among military personnel… “The dreams are always gonna be there. Just live with it. You can still see the pictures of all the dead. They’re going to be there all your life.”

Former Marine gets 16 years for standoff
An ex-Marine who held police at bay from his Bolingbrook home during a potentially deadly standoff two years ago was sentenced today to 16 years in prison… Will County Court Judge Daniel Rozak Rozak didn’t accept the defense’s argument that Linley, suffering post traumatic stress disorder, was legally insane. But he did rule Linley is mentally ill.

Back from war– new resource opens for veterans
Army veteran Demitrus Edmond, who visited the clinic on Holcombe on Tuesday, says he’s been stressed and until now didn’t know where to go for help. The clinic’s goal is to help veterans transition back to civilian life.

Effects of PTSD on Cognitive Functioning
“We think a lot about the emotional impact of war, but what this study demonstrates is that as stress responses go on longer, their impact widens.”

The Aftermath
Vietnam Veteran Robert Carson Krause writes about his struggle with PTSD and his belief that war is a senseless exercise in futility. He indicates the need to select leaders who believe war is the last solution.

Shadow of the Sword– A Marine’s Journey
After confronting his own demons, Jeremiah Workman now is a public speaker about PTSD and a consultant to the Marines Corps’ suicide prevention program.


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