Posted by: dohgonuniversity | September 5, 2009


"Mental illness can be treated and most people with some form of mental
illness lead normal lives with the support of their family and friends."

“I find this generation of younger people that we have today, 
they want a mission bigger than themselves...
They want to be about doing something that makes the world safer and better 
and soldiering does that, particularly in the place that we are.”

Thanks to new research from Tel Aviv University...
doctors will now be able to forecast a soldier's chances of falling prey to PTSD, 
with the chance of intervening to prevent military-related suicides.

The approach is simple enough: 
rely on community members as another resource in a network of support for service people. 
Whether these community members or the organizations they develop operate from a religious or secular context, 
their intentions are praiseworthy.

Scientists are beginning to understand why fearful memories are so persistent in the brain, 
and how they can be erased.

"My thing was turning off that movie in my head."
With hundreds of thousands of veterans like Leal trying to get help, 
the VA is experiencing an unprecedented demand for its services.

A former US soldier will spend his life in prison 
for the gang rape and murder of an Iraqi girl and the slaughter of her family.

"We didn't measure the more emotional aspects of this."

“I had rages, and I was getting worse...
I was constantly embarrassing my family, screaming and hollering at people.”

To help veterans cope with their medical challenges, 
sound engineer and disc jockey John Rola founded Strumming for Vets,
a program that provides guitars and instruction for veterans.

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