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An increase of suicides among active duty soldiers has top military officials evaluating the effects of combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom… the Army hopes to identify with soldiers on a human level… looking to outside sources to help develop more ideas.

New peer-reviewed research on military health issues is being presented this week at the Military Health Research Forum.

“What we want to understand is how a person reasons to denial and how they can be helped not to need to deny the illness.”

A former military nurse accused of deliberately killing three terminally ill patients by giving them lethal amounts of medication last summer may have been dealing with psychiatric issues at the time.

The Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles is near completing Coming Home, a virtual world in Second Life that its creators hope will help break down the barriers to PTSD treatment.

The proposed change [in VA benefits] is aimed in large part at the many troops in the current wars whose jobs do not involve combat with the enemy but nonetheless may experience traumatic events that lead to PTSD, such as combat support personnel and health care providers.

This is the first study to estimate preference-weighted health status of persons with PTSD.

The worst thing is that Combat Vets cannot get realistic help from the Army or VA.

that neither the PTSD establishment nor the VA is seriously trying to answer — and indeed, they are trying to ignore — the two obvious questions that should be asked:
1. Why are rates in US soldiers and vets higher than in other countries?
2. Why is the US combat vet population the only one in which PTSD rates and diagnoses increase as time passes after service?

The time has come for the court to act, these are not problems of recent origin.

a pair of Vancouver therapists will soon be able to prescribe the drug [ecstacy!] as part of a new clinical trial for people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Phillip Northcutt started legally cultivating medical marijuana to deal with PTSD from fighting in the Iraq. It wasn’t long before the police and the courts caught up with him.

New initiative will document the stories of Nevada’s veterans of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).

It is very common for people to continue believing that what they experienced was real without this in itself causing them much further trouble. What matters most is that a person is functioning normally now and into the future.

The Infantry trains to kill. There is NO alternative. If THAT is not training to be a psychopathic killer I don’t know what is.

Key researchers in the study of the neurobiological underpinnings of traumatic reactions believe that traumatic memories are locked in the deeper, nonconscious part of the central nervous system…  These memories are not accessible to the thinking and reasoning parts of the brain, but they are present and real.

“The major achievement is the growing understanding on the part of our wounded, ill and injured warriors that the basic ethos of ‘leave no warrior behind’ is being observed very religiously.”

“The post commander is considering a policy that would actually impose sanctions if leaders in any way prevented or ridiculed a soldier for getting help… Look, you’re not weak, but you got to be strong enough to go get help.”

Rather than querying soldiers only after their returns home, the study identified their unique risks by surveying them before deployment as well.


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