Posted by: dohgonuniversity | August 31, 2009


“It’s a horrible, horrible condition and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,” said the dad-of-two. “It was as if I had two personalities. I was short-tempered, drinking too much and getting into trouble. It was taking a terrible toll on my family. Looking back, I hardly recognise that person.”

“You can’t understate the emotional trials and tribulations of what we’re going through.”

“I want them to give us the proper care that we need or not passing us over and giving us wrong information. [They’re not giving us] any information about what’s going on in regards to the VA medical system when it comes to taking care of the vets.”

“A challenge the VA is facing nationwide is how to get mental health care in rural areas.”

“It’s just pretty much day by day most days. We get though OK, but there are days that it comes flooding back and it’s pretty bad…”

Despite an unprecedented crisis in military suicidality, the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) rejected the only evidence based proposal the SR process to cure post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicide in the U.S. Army.

Veterans currently face an adversarial process when they seek treatment and compensation from the VA. Our servicemen and women have been forced to ‘prove’ a specific stressor that triggered their PTSD, even if they have already been diagnosed. They need to track down incident reports, buddy statements, present medals, and leap other hurdles to meet the threshold the VA mandates in order to receive desperately needed compensation.

Combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder who are accused of certain crimes may soon have a choice between a trial or mental-health treatment.

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