Posted by: dohgonuniversity | August 27, 2009


“The frustration is having to fight for something you know by law they are entitled to.”

“Drinking was my way out… At the time, I didn’t think I needed counseling. To me, if command found out, I would be a marked person. And a marked person doesn’t get promotions.”

“Many of our combat veterans have not had the opportunity to reconcile with the trauma experienced during battle or to rid themselves of the demons they struggle with on a daily basis.”

Results of the study indicated that veterans who screened positive for PTSD were four times more likely to report suicide-related thoughts relative to veterans without the disorder.

It took Rivera three decades to get the help he needed and is now fully pensioned. Unfortunately, his case is an all-too-common one.

… servicemen and women are being over-worked, with little time to recover between overseas missions, leading to a rise in cases of post traumatic stress disorder.

“The lack of policy specifically stipulating Army expectations of Warriors in Transition contributes to misperceptions among soldiers and leaders and leads to inconsistent application of Army regulations and discipline.”

“Whenever the V.A. touts a proposed compensation rule change that it says will ‘make it easier for a veteran to claim service connection,’ red flags go up all over the place.”

“I knew I was at home and safe… Yet, for some reason, I was crawling on the carpet looking for my gun thinking, ‘Where could it be?’ How could I fall asleep? Is everybody okay?’ I didn’t know where I was and started feeling panicked. But at the same time, I knew I was in my house.”


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