Posted by: dohgonuniversity | August 20, 2009


“Really the only people who understand PTSD are the ones who have it.”

…war is the foyer to hell; hell is when you come home from war and have to deal with what you’ve done and what you witnessed in war.

Soldiers clearly need help. The problem, however, is that the program is unlikely to succeed.

…studies are beginning to surface about Secondary PTSD — a mental health issue that has been lurking around in this country since at least the Vietnam War. Secondary PTSD has shown up when the spouse and/or family respond to their changed environment with anger, substance abuse or violence, replacing a peaceful and loving home life.

The Army is set to introduce a new mental-health test of unprecedented size and scope as part of its increasing efforts to improve soldiers’ mental wellness amid the strain of repeated deployments.

“I’m still not sure that our culture is ready to accept this… that’s what I worry about most.”

…the families try to manage on their own, treading carefully, yet all the while realizing that what they thought would be a return to normal life is starting to look like a bad dream that won’t end.

“The tone and culture in the VA is changing.”

PTSD Therapy: Are they Fakers & Charlatans?

Earlier diagnosis could improve treatment outcome, and might even prevent soldiers with undetected problems from being redeployed. But even better would be stopping wartime stress at the source.

Dr. Chavez’s research provides hope that this nonverbal, physical medicine can safely and effectively work with the underlying aspects of chronic physical issues that ensue from trauma, including PTSD.

Iraq War Vet kills girlfriend, then himself
“Everybody said he was in a good mood at work. He was fine when I talked to him Sunday night.”

There is some evidence (although statistical data was lost), that the use of [General Semantic] methods with thousands of troops may have had something to do with the reduced number of psychiatric casualties during the D-Day invasion (as compared with previous Allied invasions in North Africa and Italy).

“He remembers what went on over there. Just a gunshot alone will set him off because he served in it.”

“It is a way of looking at your psychological health as important as your physical health.”


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