Posted by: dohgonuniversity | August 13, 2009


“By the time somebody is homeless, I think it’s safe to assume that we’ve missed a lot of warning.”

“This is the worst time to take away the help they need because right now is the time they need it most.”

“The Army pounds it into your head until it is instinct: Kill everybody, kill everybody… Then they just think you can just come home and turn it off.”

“That’s not me. I never had these thoughts until after I got out. I just don’t feel like myself.”

“Although many things are known about memories that form from repeat experiences, not much is known with regard to how some memories form with just one exposure.”

“This is the longest we have been at war with a volunteer force… and so we are a bit on uncharted territory.”

The advocacy groups sued the government in 2007, saying the VA had made mental health care virtually unavailable to thousands of discharged soldiers…

[PTSD] is complicated, misunderstood, and comes on a scale of one to ten which the government skims over. Veterans either have PTSD or they don’t under the current system. In reality it is far more complex.

How the justice system has been manipulated to put astonishing numbers of vets with PTSD and other psychiatric injuries behind bars.

“PTSD does not just affect the member, it totally destroys the whole family.”

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