Posted by: dohgonuniversity | August 6, 2009


“Once they understand they are not alone and can be forgiven, then healing begins.”

“If someone has a little depression, behavioral or anger issues, how does that impact their life, and how do they restore normal function?”

“If we don’t get them into treatment, it doesn’t get better, and more often it becomes debilitating.”

“We know a lot about PTSD, but we don’t know enough.”

More study is needed to link the soldiers’ alleged crimes with their heavy combat duty and lengthy deployments in Iraq.

The proposed legislation would guarantee that PTSD and TBI are diagnosed and those diagnoses are considered in any future discharge proceeding.

Combat veterans, now equipped with better body armor and armored vehicles, are thought to be surviving injuries that were once lethal and are returning from war zones with brain injuries rather than fatal wounds.

PTSD raises heart disease risk

The number of Americans under care for depression and other mental illnesses nearly doubled between 1996 and 2006, and the overall cost of treating them jumped by nearly two-thirds.

Continuing downward trend in philanthropic giving to mental health…

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